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This blog explains how you can use the Git client SmartGit to follow the GitFlow model, which Howard described in his series a step by Step Guide to using GitFlow with TeamCity. GitFlow GitFlow specifies a standard branch structure and workflow for moving changes between branches, which standardise the way a team uses Git, and […]

January 2015 Browser Share

by Matthew Adams

As endjin.com gets a few tens of thousands of users a month, who tend to be focussed in the general segment of ‘Microsoft Platform Developers, CIOs and CTOs”, and tend to arrive via a Google search, we have (more out of interest than anything else) been keeping tabs on browser share. Starting this month, I’m […]

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TPL Dataflow by Example code samples for LINQPad

by Howard van Rooijen

Reactive Programming and in particular Task Parallel Library Dataflow has been on my radar for a number of years after reading  Stephen Toub’s “Introduction to TPL Dataflow” whitepaper and watching his Channel9 videos (TPL Dataflow Tour, Inside TPL Dataflow). Unfortunately all of my research time of late has been absorbed trying to keep up with […]

Using Azure Automation to run VMs during office hours only

by Richard Kerslake

Endjin have been using Microsoft Azure to host our ALM infrastructure for some time. This includes TeamCity, YouTrack and UpSource (all from JetBrains). TeamCity and YouTrack are running on an A2 instance each (£67.27). UpSource is running on an A3 instance (£134.54). Our current total cost is £269.08 per month (as of Jan 2015). We’d […]

Elasticsearch gotchas and tips – part 2

by Richard Kerslake

It has been some time since my last post giving tips on the hardware and software requirements for installing and running Elasticsearch on Azure. This post is a further series of gotchas and tips that I’ve picked up on during my journey using Elasticsearch. It is split into 3 broad categories covering various configuration items, […]

Avoid circular dependencies with AngularJS Directives

by Matthew Adams

A problem you may encounter if you try to implement my previous example in your own code, is that your implementation of templateRepository cannot (apparently) make use of $templateCache, because angular will throw a circular dependency error. To avoid this, you can inject the $injector service into the templateRepository, and defer the dependency resolution until […]

It is quite common in our applications to retrieve a resource via a link, and then find a view to render that resource, based on its content type. For example, we might have resources like this: And one view that binds to that first resource type And another that binds to that second resource type […]

Have you signed up for the Azure Weekly newsletter?

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve been a long time subscriber to DevOps Weekly and more recently to Hadoop Weekly; they are great services that offer a condensed, useful summary of interesting information about their subject areas, combined with items about new tools as well as user events. While reading through Hadoop Weekly last week, I wondered if anyone had created […]

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Azure Weekly Newsletter

by Matthew Adams

Endjin have just released the new Azure Weekly newsletter – a weekly dose of all the news that you may have missed, tips, how-tos and useful resource in one handy newsletter. You can sign up here.

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Jasmine MetaRunner for TeamCity

by Howard van Rooijen

In the post “Unit testing AngularJS with Visual Studio, ReSharper and TeamCity” Mike Larah describes how to use the Jasmine BDD Framework to test AngularJS and how to configure it to run in both Visual Studio (via ReSharper) and via TeamCity. It’s a great post, because we couldn’t find a single other blog post that […]

This post will go through how to write unit tests for your AngularJS app using Jasmine, how to run those tests in Visual Studio with ReSharper and the PhantomJS headless browser, and how to add a build step to your TeamCity CI pipeline to run the tests. The source code for the demo app is available […]

Troubleshooting Twilio with New Relic

by Richard Kerslake

Recruitment Genius asked endjin to develop an automated, telephony-based candidate interviewing system, using Twilio and Microsoft Azure. After it went live, Recruitment Genius started receiving a number of support calls from users who were having trouble logging into the system. Troubleshooting involved a series of laborious steps to manually tally Twilio logs with logs from the rest […]

Restrict access to Azure Websites by whitelisting

by Mike Larah

By utilising the IP and Domain Restrictions feature in IIS (available since IIS7), it possible to lock down your Azure Website to only allow access to IP addresses and domains that you have specified in a whitelist. To allow a single IPv4 address, add the following node to your web.config: To allow access from a […]

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Using SemanticMerge to fix Git merge conflicts

by Alice Waddicor

Part 4 of my series of posts about Git for .NET deals with merge conflicts, and describes how to resolve them using the command line, Visual Studio and SmartGit. Both Visual Studio and SmartGit offer built in conflict resolution tools. However, it’s also possible to solve conflicts with specialist third party conflict resolution tools. A […]

Gotchas when installing an Elasticsearch cluster on Azure

by Richard Kerslake

Elasticsearch is an open source distributed search server, based on Lucene. It provides full-text search via a RESTful interface and JSON documents. It is ideally suited for running on cloud platforms like Azure. This is not a step-by-step guide to using Elasticsearch and running it on Azure. I’m assuming you already have some basic knowledge […]

At the moment, endjin are working hard on a new Azure based content management system. It is an exciting and modern solution that is rapidly approaching an alpha release. A large part of how this product works is through the use of plugins. As part of creating an excellent developer experience, we wanted to create […]

Guest Blog Post: End of Week Two Work Experience (2014)

by Howard van Rooijen

This is the final post from Jack, 15, who carried out two weeks’ work experience with endjin. It was a pleasure having him here and we miss him already! Thanks for all your hard work and an excellent set of blogs Jack. One of endjin’s main objectives is to do whatever we can to improve […]

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On day 8 of his work experience at endjin, Jack learns about client side programming and helps fix a request from a client. ————— Today and yesterday I did a lot of research on C# programming, html and Javascript, and watched some Pluralsight videos. After doing this for a while I was able to understand […]

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A guest post by Jack, 15, in his second week of work experience at endjin. ————— Today I got into the office around 8:45. I sat down at my desk and started reading up on  C# programming online.  After doing this for a while I watched a couple videos on PluralSite so I was able […]

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In his second week of work experience at endjin, Jack, 15, writes a console application to display TeamCity build statuses using a BusyLight. ————— Today we had a very productive day. Richard and I created a console application where we were able to retrieve the success or failure of a TeamCity build, and make a Busylight […]

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