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We are in the era of the modern browser – market share analysis January 2016

by Matthew Adams


We’re on the cusp of a new age – the era of the “modern browser”.

As older IE versions are effectively mothballed by Microsoft (bar a few holdouts in the UK public sector and elsewhere, because they weren’t able to get their act together with 2 years’ notice), I thought we’d take one final snapshot of our browser market share analysis, based on the traffic from a couple of sites: one that targets global Devs, CIOs & CTOs, and another that targets English ABC1s.

Global Developers, CIOs and CTOs

Chrome 69.09%
Firefox 12.51%
Internet Explorer 7.86%
Safari 5.60%
Edge 3.27%
Opera 0.79%
Opera Mini 0.18%
Safari (in-app) 0.18%
Android Browser 0.10%
UC Browser 0.09%

Developers still heavily favour Chrome – almost 70% of you! Firefox is in at number two with 12%, and IE is hanging on in there with a shade under 8%. Microsoft’s 10% share amongst developers is, however, maintained, by the 3% usage of Edge we now see.

Looking at IE Versions

11 87.23%
9 6.92%
10 4.31%
8 1.22%
7 0.24%
6 0.08%

Basically, everyone is on IE11. There are a few devs being punished with Vista and XP (And still an IE6 holdout there somewhere, the poor lost soul.)

English ABC1s

Safari 48.52%
Chrome 32.66%
Internet Explorer 9.82%
Firefox 5.19%
Safari (in-app) 1.23%
Edge 0.91%
Android Browser 0.76%
Amazon Silk 0.51%
Opera 0.17%

IE Versions

11 70.20%
9 15.12%
10 9.16%
8 4.65%
7 0.87%

Firefox’s decline continues, as does IE’s. Edge has just appeared. Safari on IOS continues to dominate with nearly 50% of all browser visits – though this has peaked over the year.

IE’s share is now utterly dominated by IE11. A few Vista diehards are on IE 9, and a tiny rump of XP diehards are on IE7 and 8. The number of visits is so low as to be ignorable (fewer than 3% of all visits)

In summary – we really are in the age of the modern browser; not just by dictat, but by consumer behaviour. It’s time to forge ahead, and stop specifying IE7/8/9/10 fallbacks in our site designs.

About the author

Matthew was CTO of a venture-backed technology start-up in the UK & US for 10 years, and is now a Founder of Endjin Ltd, which provides technology strategy, experience and development services to its clients who are seeking to take advantage of Microsoft Azure and the Cloud. You can follow Matthew on twitter.