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Apprenticeship Week 2

by Mike Larah

I started my second week of the apprenticeship by looking at some functional testing. Specifically I was beginning to put together a ‘regression’ test pack for a client, identifying key success scenarios in their product and service that can be tested against before future releases are deployed to ensure the software does not ‘regress’. Ideally, once this […]

End of the first week

by Mike Larah

As thought, by modifying our YouTrackSharp CreateUser method to use PUT instead of POST (and creating the Put method), this fixed the password issue and is now fully functioning. So one down! Next up was to try TeamCity and straight to C# and VS 2012 for this one as the REST API looked similar to […]

Day 3: Client meeting

by Mike Larah

Yesterday was spent out on site as we met with a client to discuss their PR/marketing strategy. Whilst marketing isn’t the first discipline that springs to mind when thinking about development, I saw yesterday how much of a integral part it can play in the success of a company/product/service. The process we went through involved […]

Day 2: Errors and Debugging

by Mike Larah

Day 2 was met mainly with errors but was not in vain . We successfully managed to get the PowerShell script from yesterday to add a new user to YouTrack but without creating a password. There was another function found in the REST API to create new user with password but this was where we […]

Day 1: PowerShell, BDD and Git

by Mike Larah

  So the first real work started yesterday afternoon with an introduction to PowerShell. Since all new employees are required to sign up to variety of web services (Office 365, YouTrack, GitHub, WordPress, TeamCity, IPCop), it would save time to write a script to automate this on-boarding process. Starting with YouTrack, by using the web […]

Mike Larah is an Apprentice Endjineer

by Mike Larah

From engineer to endjineer. Having just graduated with my mechanical engineering degree, I now start my new journey into the technology sector as an apprentice here at endjin HQ. I will be posting regularly in this blog during my time here to document the apprenticeship process and my progress as a budding developer. Hopefully this […]