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A CDN, short for Content Delivery Network, is essentially a network of servers set-up, in various geographic locations, with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content to end-users across the Internet.

There’s a lot of documentation available around NuGet and how to create/publish packages, etc. But when I looked for a simple step-by-step guide on how to test a package locally, I couldn’t find any.

Button Visual States in Xamarin.iOS

by Pascal Arnould

One way to manage a button visual state in iOS is by setting a different background image for each one of the UIControlState values available…

Downloading Windows Azure Subscription Files

by Pascal Arnould

If you use Azure Management Studio, you can quickly setup your connections by importing your publish settings…

1601 was the year that Pierre de Fermat and King Louis XIII of France were born, Robert Devereux was beheaded in the Tower of London, the Dutch defeated the Portuguese navy in the battle of Bantam Bay and the year Shakespeare’s Hamlet is thought to have been performed for the first time. Monday January, 1st 1601 (in the Gregorian calendar) was a pretty uneventful day yet the first day of the 17th century is affecting millions today.

Just so that I never ever forget this again. Here’s how to assign a keyboard shortcut to collapse all projects in Visual Studio Solution Explorer.

What does sudo mean?

by Pascal Arnould

I’ve always wondered what sudo means when I use it to run a command in a terminal.

Xamarin platform setup gotchas: Final Edition!

by Pascal Arnould

Last post on the topic and links to all the other entries centred around troubleshooting/setting up your Xamarin mobile dev environment.

Xamarin lets you develop iOS applications using Visual Studio. This is obviously great for .NET Developers except that you currently have to go to Xcode (Apple’s Developer tool) if you want to create the UI using a designer tool.

Running the Windows Phone Emulator in VMware Fusion

by Pascal Arnould

If you run Windows 8 on your Mac with VMware Fusion 5.0 , you might get the following error message when starting the Windows Phone emulator for the first time: The Windows Phone Emulator wasn’t able to create the virtual machine.

More Xamarin platform setup gotchas

by Pascal Arnould

Today my Xamarin trial expired – Sadface. But endjin generously supplied me with a new Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS Business edition license, things were looking up – Happyface! However after activating the new license and upgrading to a newer version of Xamarin Studio on both my Mac and the guest Windows 8 OS, my master solution containing all the projects for the different platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) was no longer building.

Android Device Manager and SDK Location

by Pascal Arnould

After going through the Xamarin installation instructions for Mac and Windows , I ended up in a situation where the AVD Manager ( Android Virtual Device Manager ) on my Windows VM would not let me create a new AVD…

A short explanation of Windows Phone capabilities and how to enable the camera.

Windows Phone Registration Failure: Error 0x64

by Pascal Arnould

A quick fix to error 0x64 when registering a new Windows Phone device.

Windows Run Commands for Developers

by Pascal Arnould

The other day I wanted to bring up the Windows “Program and Features” panel using the run command (Win+R or just start typing in the Start screen in Win 8). Something I’ve done countless number of times in the past. For some reason, I had a complete blank and couldn’t recall what that particular command was. So I thought it would be good to have a couple of tips and some of the most useful run commands for Developers (and everybody else) in one place.

Xamarin platform setup gotchas

by Pascal Arnould

Yesterday I attended the “C# and Mvvm – Developing apps for all of Android, iPhone and Windows” event hosted by Stuart Lodge at Modern Jago. In preparation for the day I had the daunting task of setting up my Mac for cross platform development with Xamarin. While most of it was fairly straight forward and well documented, I came across a few gotchas worth blogging about.