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At endjin we solve complex problems which cover a huge range of cloud services, data science techniques and industries. The work we do is massively varied and in this there is a huge opportunity. Hear about Carmel’s experience in completing her apprenticeship here at endjin, and why you should consider our apprenticeship scheme!

A few years ago, I attended a Guardian 1-day Masterclass – Introduction to Data Visualisation. What I did not know then was that it would have a profound effect on how I view design. This blog is a recap of that day and reference points to consider when designing and creating graphics for data visualisation.

It is possibly that I have only recently discovered one of my favourite pieces of UX whilst on lockdown – Mobile cheques deposits via digital imaging in my banking app. In this short post I share my experience of discovering a simple but practical piece of UX that made me happy.

With a lot of people all over the world suddenly finding themselves working remotely, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I think is one of the most challenging parts of a company going fully remote: maintaining relationships.

If, like me, you often find yourself unable to decide how to spend your time productively, it might be worth giving this post a read! Here Carmel runs through some of the things to consider when deciding which task to tackle next. These tasks can be anything from “send out finance report”, to “call mum”, to “decide where to go on holiday next year”. We have a huge amount of options when deciding how to spend our time, so here are some strategies for whittling down that choice!

I doubt that it’s escaped anyone’s notice that we have suddenly been thrown into a world which is pretty unrecognisable from that of even a few weeks ago. And I don’t think any of us can claim to be managine it well all of the time, but in this post Carmel runs through some of the strategies and coping mechanisms which have helped her adjust.

Effectively managing mental capacity

by Carmel Eve

We are currently living in extremely uncertain times. As we try to process these changes, many of us have found that we do not have the same mental capacity we once did. Some of that might be due to extra constraints on our time, but a lot of our brain-power is also spent trying to process the huge worldwide changes which are currently taking place.

In this blog, Carmel talks about some techniques for managing that mental capacity, and how those apply in an ever-changing world.

Help for the new CTO: Getting to know your team

by Matthew Adams

As part of my series on guidance for CTOs, I discuss using the Office of the CTO (OCTO) approach to management, its strengths and limitations.

Salaries. What a nightmare! Hardly anyone likes talking about money. Technical people don’t like talking about money. Even a lot of sales people don’t like talking about money. When a CTO comes into an organization (even a brand new start-up) one of the first things you need to sort out is the salary quagmire. In this article we look at the strategies and pitfalls of introducing open, capability-based pay levels for a product development team.

The theme of this year’s British Science Week (6 – 15 March 2020) is “Our Diverse Planet”. We’ll be getting involved by speaking to school children about the work we’ve been doing with Oxfordshire-based OceanMind (part of the Microsoft AI for Good programme) to help them combat illegal fishing, hopefully inspiring some of the next generation of data scientists!

A brief introduction to GTD (Getting Things Done)

by Mike Larah

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a workflow designed to increase productivity and decrease stress. In this post, Mike Larah talks about what’s involved with GTD, and what he learned whilst attending a recent course.

Along with several of my endjin colleagues, I attended NDC London in January this year – here’s a run through of the sessions I attended on Day 3 and my thoughts. This final day was a mixed bag, taking in talks on drumming and AKKA.net, as well as something a bit more close to home – a session from endjin’s own Jess Panni and Carmel Eve on our recent project for OceanMind.

Remote working has many benefits. It allows us a huge amount of freedom, especially around managing our personal and professional lives. But alongside these benefits it also brings challenges. When you combine these challenges with certain aspects of mental health it can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, there are also ways in which remote work can enable us to control our environments in a way that would be extremely difficult if working from a conventional office.

We have been a fully remote company now for over two years, and in this post Carmel shares some of her experiences of managing mental health whilst remote working.

Along with several of my endjin colleagues, I attended NDC London in January this year – here’s a run through of the sessions I attended on Day 2 and my thoughts. This day was UI heavy, with sessions on Vuejs and UI testing, but I also learned more about GraphQL and writing high performance C# code.

A retrospective of my first day at NDC London 2020, taking in sessions on AI and Machine Learning, Capability Mapping, Micro Frontends, Diagnostics and Blazor.

NDC London day 1 was mainly focused around the responsibility we all face when developing new technology. As developers we cannot absolve ourselves of the consequences of not considering diversity and inclusivity when designing our solutions.

AI for Good Hackathon

by Ian Griffiths

Towards the end of last year, Microsoft invited endjin along to a hackathon session they hosted at the IET in London as part of their AI for Good initiative. I’ve been thinking about the event and the broader work Microsoft is doing here a lot lately, because it gets to the heart of what I love about working in this industry: computers can magnify our power to do to good.

There are many different paths into the tech industry, Carmel has been speaking at some local schools about joining the industry from a scientific background. In this post she discusses the crucial tools which science gives you which can help you succeed in tech!

It’s been an exciting week at endjin! We attended the Computing Rising Star Awards 2019 as both of our current Apprentices were shortlisted; Carmel Eve for Apprentice Engineer of the Year and Ed Freeman as Cloud Apprentice of the Year. They both won! We’re all immensely proud of them and exceptionally happy that they have […]

Here is a blog written by our apprentice Carmel after her second year of the apprenticeship. We think it demonstrates the huge variety of things we get to work on here at endjin, and highlights the best of the blogs that Carmel produced through during the year – of which there were a lot!

If you think an apprenticeship with us is something which might interest you – send a CV through to hello@endjin.com!

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