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A few years ago, I attended a Guardian 1-day Masterclass – Introduction to Data Visualisation. What I did not know then was that it would have a profound effect on how I view design. This blog is a recap of that day and reference points to consider when designing and creating graphics for data visualisation.

It is possibly that I have only recently discovered one of my favourite pieces of UX whilst on lockdown – Mobile cheques deposits via digital imaging in my banking app. In this short post I share my experience of discovering a simple but practical piece of UX that made me happy.

Five quick tips for public speaking

by Carmel Eve

We all get nervous in the run up to a public speaking event. However, there are things we can do which help alleviate some of the pressure. Here are 5 quick tips around preparing for a talk!

Donut chart corkscrew entry animation with d3.js

by Jonathan George

In this post we show a smooth entry animation for D3.js donut (or pie) charts, using a combination of a sweep and a zoom to give a corkscrew-like effect.

Here is a blog written by our apprentice Carmel after her second year of the apprenticeship. We think it demonstrates the huge variety of things we get to work on here at endjin, and highlights the best of the blogs that Carmel produced through during the year – of which there were a lot!

If you think an apprenticeship with us is something which might interest you – send a CV through to hello@endjin.com!

In this post Carmel runs through some of the main principles behind agile estimation and planning. At endjin we use a lot of these techniques in our projects and this is a great post which highlights the reasons behind some of what we do. The key motivation behind good estimation is to be useful for project planning. There is a huge amount of inherent uncertainty surrounding estimates, especially early in the project. So, we shift our aim from 100% precise, or “true”, estimates, and towards providing estimates which are useful and accurate. Carmel also runs through the steps in an agile delivery and release process. Definitely worth the read if you have an interest in agile and/or project management!

Sometimes you want to build a Power BI dashboard that pulls in data from two different data sources. In this blog post Alice Waddicor demonstrates how you can use DirectQuery and multiple databased via ElasticQuery.

A Bit of a Christmas Do in the Country with Benchpeg

by Paul Waller

In 2016, endjin redesigned the Benchpeg website, migrating it from a 10-year-old platform over to our own CMS system – Vellum – so the Benchpeg team could have greater control over their content management and halve the day-to-day workload for generating content. This is a creative post about the practical experiences gained from 1-day silversmithing workshop at the invitation of Benchpeg.

Reasons to: Round up of the Sessions I Attended

by Paul Waller

The 3-day “Reasons To” conference was held in Brighton in September 2016. The conference is a fusion of disciplines: design, development, illustration, 3D modelling and data visualisation to name a few. In this post Paul Waller provides an overview of the sessions he attended and the ideas that really sparked his imagination.

Azure DevOps Work Items offer a lot of power and features out of the box, but sometimes you need insights that Azure DevOps doesn’t natively provide. In this blog post Director of Engineering, James Broome, shows how you can use the Azure DevOps Restful API to generate insights and even use Power BI to visualise them in this step-by-step guide.

Throughout endjin’s history we have been invited to work on a host of projects. In late 2013 we were asked if we could produce a series of graphics props for the Great British Menu 2014. In this post we talk about the research and production methods behind developing graphics for television.

Bootstrap 3 At A Glance – Part One – Motivations

by Matthew Adams

In August 2013, Version 3 of the Bootstrap framework was released. The first version, developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter in 2011, was a pure CSS library. It was designed to provide a solid foundation for the most common user interface tasks that front-end developers faced every day, including grids and page […]

Example of a full-width bleed using Bootstrap 3

by Matthew Adams

In my previous post, I listed some top tips for getting started with bootstrap, and then produced a basic example layout with box-outs, sidebars and bleeds. One of the most common questions that has come from that post is “how do I achieve a section with a full-width bleed (e.g. for a full-width background), part […]

At endjin we believe in collaboration and the ability to pull together expertise and ideas. In this post we talk about the collaborative efforts between designers and developers the importance of communication, a step by step guide followed by some handy tips.

Example Responsive Layout Using Bootstrap

by Matthew Adams

In my previous post, we listed a few learnings from our experience of using Boostrap as a layout engine in an HTML5 website. In this post, I’ve put together a basic example that illustrates some of the techniques we talked about. I’ve structured a page with a header; left-hand sidebar; body content with a call-out […]

We ran a retrospective of our first few Bootstrap-based HTML5/Javascript projects a few weeks back, and distilled some of the output into these top tips. 1) You don’t have to use a container-fluid to make the design responsive container-fluid is a full-width, smoothly resizing container (e.g. for apps). container is a pseudo-fixed-width, centred container that […]

Laying the foundations to build a brand doesn’t happen overnight. At endjin it taken many years to develop our brand look and tone of voice. In this post we talk about developing our visual language so that we can maintain a consistent look and feel across all our collateral.

7 years ago, feels like a lifetime – for you eldest it is – but this was when endjin took the first steps in refreshing our website promoting our cloud expertise and mobile first responsive design. In this post we talk about our strategic, creative, prototyping and production processes to deliver our website and enforce our brand.