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When he joined endjin, Technical Fellow Ian sat down with founder Howard for a Q&A session. This was originally published on LinkedIn in 5 parts, but is republished here, in full. Ian talks about his path into computing, some highlights of his career, the evolution of the .NET ecosystem, AI, and the software engineering life.

This is the second blog in a series which delves into how the Rx operators work under the covers. This series aims to provide a greater understanding of Rx and its operators. This post focuses on the AGGREGATE operator.

This is the first blog in a series which delves into how the Rx operators work under the covers. This series aims to provide a greater understanding of Rx and its operators. This post focuses on the WHERE operator.

Overflowing with dataflow part 2: TPL Dataflow

by Carmel Eve

This is the second blog in a series about data flow. This post delves into TPL dataflow.

The task parallel library is a .NET library which aims to make parallel processing and concurrency simpler to work with. The TPL dataflow library is specifically aimed at making parallel data processing more understandable via a pipeline-based model.

I’m very excited that Ian Griffiths has joined endjin as a “Technical Fellow”. This is a new career pathway branch we created especially for Ian, as he didn’t really fit into any of our existing roles; his skills and expertise exemplify a pathway that many software engineers desire, but few have the opportunity to achieve […]

Here is a quick dive into encryption and blockchain. This post goes into the ideas behind hashing, and how these translate into encrypted messaging techniques. It also delves blockchain and how signing and versioning allow for consistent and immutable transactions. Definitely worth a read if you’re interested in these concepts!

Everyone learns differently. In this post Carmel describes how OneNote can be used to aid and enhance research. As an avid note taker and blogger, she highlights how the ability to Ctrl-F into written text in OneNote has greatly improved her productivity!

Over the last few week’s I’ve been catching up on my reading backlog and serendipity meant that I read Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action” which was published in 2009, shortly followed by Satya Nadella’s “Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future […]

Digital Transformation is the buzzword of the moment; organisations are trying to reconfigure themselves to operate in the digital age. One of the key enablement strategies involves putting APIs at the heart of the organisation to centralise access to data, logic and value, while removing those traditional barriers that prevent collaboration between organisational silos. APIs […]

We have produced an insightful booklet called “Embracing Disruption – Financial Services and the Microsoft Cloud” which examines the challenges and opportunities for the Financial Service Industry in the UK, through the lens of Microsoft Azure, Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty, Data Ingestion, Transformation & Enrichment, Big Compute, Big Data, Insights & Visualisation, Infrastructure, Ops & Support, and the API Economy.

What makes a successful FinTech start-up?

by Matthew Adams

In this post we discuss the characteristics of a great FinTech startup, and the importance of the API Economy to innovation in Financial Services.

Hymans Robertson was set up in Glasgow in 1921 and is one of the longest established independent firms of consultants and actuaries in the UK. Hymans Robertson soon realised that the computational requirements of their models exceeded the capacity of their on-premise datacentres and that the most cost effective solution would be to use the cloud to perform their Big Compute. But before they could harness the cloud to help them solve their Big Data problems, the business needed to understand the ramifications of moving to the cloud; everything from regulatory, risk and compliance concerns,  to how their internal Ops team would need to evolve and adapt, and how to deal with moving data from on-prem into the cloud.

Why is blockchain revolutionising Financial Services?

by Matthew Adams

There is a lot of hype about the blockchain – usually wrapped up with talk about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. In this article, we look at its impact on trust, and auditability in financial services, and why it may (or may not) be appropriate for your solutions.

Regulatory Compliance and Cloud Adoption

by Matthew Adams

In this post we review the FCA’s guidelines for the adoption of cloud services by FinTech businesses, and help you to understand their impact across the value chain.

FinTech Week and the Microsoft Cloud

by Matthew Adams

Today marks the start of the UK’s #fintechweek – a programme of events focused on innovation in financial services. Endjin have a busy week – much of which is FinTech related. To kick off, we’re speaking this afternoon at Microsoft’s TVP campus on Disruptive Innnovation in Financial Services. We did a version of this talk […]