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We’ve come a long way in the first ten instalments of our series. We’ve learned a bit about computer architecture – all the way up from the transistors that form the physical basis of modern digital computers, to more abstract concepts like data memory, instructions and I/O. We’ve looked at how we can encode information […]

A Step by Step Guide to Automating TeamCity Backups

by Howard van Rooijen

Now that you’ve set-up your TeamCity environment, or migrated it from one machine to another, you probably want to make sure that if anything happens to the hardware you’ve installed it on, you can get back up and running quickly. Step 1: Configure Execute-TeamCityBackup.ps1 Execute-TeamCityBackup.ps1 (by Ivan Leonenko) is a great little script for calling the […]

We left off with a couple of exercises last time. Exercise 1: Remember the exercises in our first introduction to algorithms? Can you implement functions in F# for the sum of an arithmetic series and the sum of a geometric series? Remember that this is the formula for an arithmetic series: where is the difference […]

If you’ve been using TeamCity for a number of years, there will come a time where the server it’s running on will reach its end of life and your TeamCity instance will need to be moved to a fresh server. As part of this migration process, you may decide to change OS from Linux to […]

Last time, we saw how to define a function in F#. We’re going to build on that this time, so it might be a good idea to go over the key points: 1) A function takes exactly one input (parameter) and produces one output (result). We can write this as 2) We can bind a […]

Just so that I never ever forget this again. Here’s how to assign a keyboard shortcut to collapse all projects in Visual Studio Solution Explorer. […]

In the last section we took a first look at logic, and started to build up some quite complex expressions. We noted that it would be useful if we could somehow bind those expressions to a shorthand so that we didn’t have to keep typing them all out every time we wanted to use them […]

What does sudo mean?

by Pascal Arnould

I’ve always wondered what sudo means when I run a Terminal command like this: sudo shutdown -r now sudo is an abbreviation of “super user do” and is a Linux command that allows programs to be executed as a super user (aka root user) or another user. … Commands that can be run with sudo are defined in a file named sudoers in the /etc private folder.

Category: Development

Example of a full-width bleed using Bootstrap 3

by Matthew Adams

In my previous post, I listed some top tips for getting started with bootstrap, and then produced a basic example layout with box-outs, sidebars and bleeds. One of the most common questions that has come from that post is “how do I achieve a section with a full-width bleed (e.g. for a full-width background), part […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 2

by Howard van Rooijen

As mentioned in the last post, we’ve been hosting Joshua Cheung, 15, for the past two weeks for his work experience placement. What did he do in week two? Read on… ———- Where has the time gone? The days being at Endjin have just flown by. The days were jam packed with information and excitement. Just […]

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We’ve already seen conditional statements like “if this statement is true then…” and “while this statement is true, do…” In this section, we’re going to look inside these kinds of statements, and focus on the bit that is just about truth and falsity. As usual, the approach will be to learn how to refine a […]

Xamarin platform setup gotchas: Final Edition!

by Pascal Arnould

Last post on the topic and links to all the other entries centred around troubleshooting/setting up your Xamarin mobile dev environment.

And now for some more problems-solutions […]

Guest Blog Post: Work Experience at endjin – Week 1

by Howard van Rooijen

I’ve written about endjin’s commitment to Apprenticeships before and we’re almost at the anniversary of our first apprentice joining the company. At DevOps London earlier in the year I was approached and asked if we would be open to accepting a work experience placement for a year 10 secondary school student. We thought it would be […]

Xamarin lets you develop iOS applications using Visual Studio. This is obviously great for .NET Developers except that you currently have to go to Xcode (Apple’s Developer tool) if you want to create the UI using a designer tool. When you’ve got a Xamarin.iOS project, that means switching back and forth between the two IDEs. […]

Category: Development

In this section we’re going to look at the Data Memory in more detail. So far, we’ve assumed we know what “store 1 in the memory location at offset 4” means. If we’ve told it to store 1 at offset 4, when we read back the value at offset 4, we get 1 as expected. […]

Running the Windows Phone Emulator in VMware Fusion

by Pascal Arnould

If you run Windows 8 on your Mac with VMware Fusion 5.0 , you might get the following error message when starting the Windows Phone emulator for the first time: The Windows Phone Emulator wasn’t able to create the virtual machine: Generic failure under VMware Fusion 5.0 […]

More Xamarin platform setup gotchas

by Pascal Arnould

Today my Xamarin trial expired – Sadface. But @endjin generously supplied me with a new Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS Business edition license, things were looking up – Happyface! However after activating the new license and upgrading to a newer version of Xamarin Studio on both my Mac and the guest Windows 8 OS, my master solution containing all the projects for the different platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) was no longer building. I’m not sure whether this really happened as a result of the license activation and/or the upgrade but I was once more in trouble with my Xamarin platform setup – Sadface! […]

Category: Development

We have an Angular.JS application which is also using Bootstrap for its layout, and we’ve come across an irritating layout bug on IE7 (for which the client still has a requirement – albeit with a “please upgrade your browser if you can” notice). Supporting IE7 with any modern web framework is a bit of a […]

In the last section, we set a couple of problems, and asked you to devise a program to come up with the answer. A. Write a program to add up the integers from 1 to 10, and put the result in to the memory location at offset zero. B. Alter the program to add up […]

Android Device Manager and SDK Location

by Pascal Arnould

After going through the Xamarin installation instructions for Mac and Windows , I ended up in a situation where the AVD Manager ( Android Virtual Device Manager ) on my Windows VM would not let me create a new AVD […]

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