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In my previous post I walked through the options for integrating into Azure Analysis Services using .NET client SDKs, PowerShell cmdlets and REST APIs. I also laid out a simple guide to choosing the right framework to fit your scenario. In each of the cases, the first step that you’ll need to deal with is […]

In my previous post I discussed 8 reasons why you might want to integrate Azure Analysis Services into your own custom applications. With a variety of support through client SDKs, PowerShell cmdlets and REST APIs, the opportunities are endless, and the subsequent series of technical how-to’s will go into more detail around some of the core aspects. But […]

We’ve done a lot of work at endjin with Azure Analysis Services over the last couple of years – but none of it has been what you’d call “traditional BI”. We’ve pulled, twisted and bent it in all sorts of directions, using it’s raw analytical processing power to underpin bespoke analysis products and processes. This post explains some of the common (and not-so-common) reasons why you might want to do similar things, and how Azure Analysis Services might be the key to unlocking your data insights.

We were recently looking for a way to run a script on an Azure Virtual Machine that already existed (i.e. not executing it at provisioning time). Whilst there are ways to do this remotely (using PowerShell remoting, for example), these tend to require updating the VM’s networking configuration to open up ports or allow traffic […]

tl;dr – I set up automated backups of our office security camera footage and used Power Automate to automate alerting if anything went wrong. At endjin HQ, we have an office security setup using multiple cameras managed by Surveillance Station, an application on our on-site Synology NAS drive. Surveillance Station handles the recording schedules and […]

Over a year ago, I wrote a similarly titled post on how to use Azure Automation to run VMs during office hours only. Since then, much has changed with Azure Automation and the previous management portal has been replaced. This post goes through how to achieve scheduling of VM running times using the current portal […]

Using Azure Automation to run VMs during office hours only

by Richard Kerslake

There is an updated version of this post. Please read the new version, which guides you through similar steps using the latest and greatest Azure Portal and Azure Automation features: Using Azure Automation to run VMs during office hours only – using graphical runbooks   Endjin have been using Microsoft Azure to host our ALM infrastructure […]