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I doubt that it’s escaped anyone’s notice that we have suddenly been thrown into a world which is pretty unrecognisable from that of even a few weeks ago. And I don’t think any of us can claim to be managine it well all of the time, but in this post Carmel runs through some of the strategies and coping mechanisms which have helped her adjust.

Effectively managing mental capacity

by Carmel Eve

We are currently living in extremely uncertain times. As we try to process these changes, many of us have found that we do not have the same mental capacity we once did. Some of that might be due to extra constraints on our time, but a lot of our brain-power is also spent trying to process the huge worldwide changes which are currently taking place.

In this blog, Carmel talks about some techniques for managing that mental capacity, and how those apply in an ever-changing world.

Remote working has many benefits. It allows us a huge amount of freedom, especially around managing our personal and professional lives. But alongside these benefits it also brings challenges. When you combine these challenges with certain aspects of mental health it can sometimes be difficult to manage. However, there are also ways in which remote work can enable us to control our environments in a way that would be extremely difficult if working from a conventional office.

We have been a fully remote company now for over two years, and in this post Carmel shares some of her experiences of managing mental health whilst remote working.