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Help for the new CTO: IR35 and hiring developers

by Matthew Adams

It has been a staple of IT projects to make liberal use of short-term contract staff. Upcoming changes in IR35 for medium to larger employers is seriously disrupting the IT recruitment market, and you should understand the impact bt

Here is a blog written by our apprentice Carmel after her second year of the apprenticeship. We think it demonstrates the huge variety of things we get to work on here at endjin, and highlights the best of the blogs that Carmel produced through during the year – of which there were a lot!

If you think an apprenticeship with us is something which might interest you – send a CV through to hello@endjin.com!

10 ways to get hired by an amazing start up

by Matthew Adams

Do you really want to be a founder? Or do you want to get some start-up experience on the inside, but at lower risk. We look at what it means to be involved in start-up and how to get hired as employee #1 (or #2, or #3)